vector competence of simulium oyapockense s.l. and s. incrustatum for onchocerca volvulus: implications for ivermectin-based control in the amazonian focus of human onchocerciasis, a multi-vector-host system.although it is now well established that in the amazonian onchocerciasis focus, straddling between venezuela and brazil, the main vectors in the highland (hyperendemic) and lowland (hypoendemic) areas, are respectively simulium guianense sensu lato wise and s. oyapockense s.l. floch and abonnenc, investigation of the vectorial role of a third anthropophagic species, simulium incrustatum lutz has remained inconclusive. here we compare the vector competence of s. incrustatum with that of s. oyapoc ...200818538741
new molecular identifiers for simulium limbatum and simulium incrustatum s.l. and the detection of genetic substructure with potential implications for onchocerciasis epidemiology in the amazonia focus of brazil.the amazonia onchocerciasis focus of southern venezuela and northern brazil is the larger of the two remaining latin american onchocerciasis foci where disease transmission still occurs and is often regarded as the most challenging of all the latin american foci to eliminate onchocerciasis. the site is home to a population of over 20,000 semi-nomadic, hunter-gatherer yanomami people and is made-up of a mosaic of rainforest and savannah ecologies, which are influenced by the area's undulating ter ...201323545131
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