phlebotomine sand flies (diptera: psychodidae) associated with changing patterns in the transmission of the human cutaneous leishmaniasis in french guiana.between march 2000 and december 2001 a survey of the sand flies (diptera: phlebotominae) of french guiana was carried out during 14 nights of captures with cdc light-traps and malaise traps, and resulted in the collection of 2245 individuals of 38 species. the most abundant species were lutzomyia (trichophoromyia) ininii floch & abonnenc, lu.(psychodopygus) squamiventris maripaensis floch & abonnenc, and lu .(nyssomyia) flaviscutellata mangabeira. half of the collected sand flies females were di ...200717293996
natural leishmania (viannia) infections of phlebotomines (diptera: psychodidae) indicate classical and alternative transmission cycles of american cutaneous leishmaniasis in the guiana shield, brazil.from 1996 to 1999 multi-trapping methods (center of diseases control, cdc) light traps, light-baited shannon traps, and aspiration on tree bases) were used to study the phlebotomine fauna of the "serra do navio" region of the brazilian state of amapá, which is part of the guiana shield. fifty-three species were identified among 8,685 captured individuals. the following species, associated with the transmission of american cutaneous leishmaniasis in amazonian brazil, were captured: nyssomyia umbr ...201728508745
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