recent observations on the sand fly (diptera: psychodidae) fauna of the state of rondônia, western amazônia, brazil: the importance of psychdopygus davisi as a vector of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis.sand flies were collected in the central region of the state of rondônia (w 64 degrees 30' to 63 degrees 00' and s 10 degrees 00'to 11 degrees 00') using shannon and cdc light traps from october 1997 to august 2000. a total of 85,850 specimens representing 78 named species were captured. of these 14 were new records for rondônia. the proportion of males/females was 1/1.131. trypanosomatids, that are presently being identified, were detected in 11 species. leishmania (viannia) naiffi was recorded ...200314595450
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