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recent observations on the sand fly (diptera: psychodidae) fauna of the state of rondônia, western amazônia, brazil: the importance of psychdopygus davisi as a vector of zoonotic cutaneous leishmaniasis.sand flies were collected in the central region of the state of rondônia (w 64 degrees 30' to 63 degrees 00' and s 10 degrees 00'to 11 degrees 00') using shannon and cdc light traps from october 1997 to august 2000. a total of 85,850 specimens representing 78 named species were captured. of these 14 were new records for rondônia. the proportion of males/females was 1/1.131. trypanosomatids, that are presently being identified, were detected in 11 species. leishmania (viannia) naiffi was recorded ...200314595450
molecular detection of leishmania in sand flies (diptera: psychodidae: phlebotominae) collected in the caititu indigenous reserve of the municipality of lábrea, state of amazonas, brazil.phlebotominae sand flies are of medical importance because they are vectors of human pathogens, such as protozoa of the genus leishmania ross, etiological agent of american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl). in lábrea, a municipality in the state of amazonas, brazil, acl is primarily associated with subsistence activities, such as collection and extraction of forest products, undertaken by both indigenous and nonindigenous people. data on acl in indigenous populations are scarce, such that there is ...201426309318
ecological aspects and molecular detection of leishmania dna ross (kinetoplastida: trypanosomatidae) in phlebotomine sandflies (diptera: psychodidae) in terra firme and várzea environments in the middle solimões region, amazonas state, brazil.phlebotomine sand flies (diptera: psychodidae) are insects of medical importance due to the role that some species play in the transmission of leishmaniasis. this work aimed to study some ecological aspects among sand flies fauna inhabiting two different environments: the várzea (lowland amazonian forest) and terra firme (upland amazonian forest), both located in tefé municipality, amazonas state, braziland to detect leishmania infection in those phlebotomine populations.201525889808
the phlebotomine sand flies fauna in parque estadual do rio doce, minas gerais, brazil.phlebotomine sand flies are dipterans of the family psychodidae. they are very important to veterinary medicine because some species are vectors of infective forms of leishmania spp., the etiological agents of leishmaniasis. the parque estadual do rio doce is located in an area with constant reports of cases of leishmaniasis. in order to better understanding the phlebotamine sand fly fauna of the park, the present work was undertaken with the goal of analyzing phlebotomine sand flies collected t ...201526626880
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