spatial distribution of arboviral mosquito vectors (diptera, culicidae) in vale do ribeira in the south-eastern brazilian atlantic forest.mosquitoes are vectors of arboviruses that can cause encephalitis and hemorrhagic fevers in humans. aedes serratus (theobald), aedes scapularis (rondani) and psorophora ferox (von humboldt) are potential vectors of arboviruses and are abundant in vale do ribeira, located in the atlantic forest in the southeast of the state of são paulo, brazil. the objective of this study was to predict the spatial distribution of these mosquitoes and estimate the risk of human exposure to mosquito bites. result ...201222331150
reemergence of yellow fever: detection of transmission in the state of s+úo paulo, brazil, 2008.following yellow fever virus (yfv) isolation in monkeys from the s+úo jos+® do rio preto region and two fatal human autochthonous cases from the ribeir+úo preto region, state of s+úo paulo, brazil, two expeditions for entomological research and eco-epidemiological evaluation were conducted.201121739073
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