sand flies (diptera, psychodidae, phlebotominae), vectors of leishmania protozoa, at an atlantic forest conservation unit in the municipality of nísia floresta, rio grande do norte state, brazil.sand flies are insect vectors of protozoa from the genus leishmania, causative parasites of visceral and american tegumentary leishmaniases. the present study discusses the bioecological aspects of sand fly species, transmitters of leishmania protozoa, in different ecotopes of an atlantic forest conservation unit located in the metropolitan region of natal, rio grande do norte state, brazil.201626864023
anthropophily of lutzomyia wellcomei (diptera: psychodidae) in an atlantic forest conservation unit in northeast brazil.lutzomyia wellcomei (fraiha, shaw & lainson) (diptera: psychodidae) can act as an important vector of leishmania (viannia) braziliensis this study presents the results of collections carried out in a fragment of atlantic forest in a conservation unit of rio grande do norte state. collections occurred over 12 consecutive months using shannon and cdc traps. a total of 777 sand flies from eight species were collected: lutzomyia walkeri (newstead), lutzomyia evandroi (costa lima & antunes), lutzomyi ...201627330100
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