sandflies (diptera, psychodidae) from forest areas in botucatu municipality, central western são paulo state, brazil.the study of the distribution and ecology of sandfly species is essential for epidemiological surveillance and estimation of the transmission risk of leishmania spp. infection.201323849624
study of sand flies (diptera: psychodidae) in visceral and cutaneous leishmaniasis areas in the central-western state of minas gerais, brazil.the transmission of leishmania involves several species of sand flies that are closely associated with various parasites and reservoirs, with differing transmission cycles in brazil. a study on the phlebotomine species composition has been conducted in the municipality of divinópolis, minas gerais, brazil, an endemic area for cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl), which has intense occurrence of visceral leishmaniasis (vl) cases. in order to study the sand flies populations and their seasonality, cdc lig ...201323178219
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