sandflies (diptera, psychodidae) from forest areas in botucatu municipality, central western são paulo state, brazil.the study of the distribution and ecology of sandfly species is essential for epidemiological surveillance and estimation of the transmission risk of leishmania spp. infection.201323849624
aspects of the ecology of phlebotomine sand flies (diptera: psychodidae) in the private natural heritage reserve sanctuary caraça.leishmaniases are a set of parasitic diseases of zoonotic origin that are transmitted by sandfly vectors in wild, rural and urban environments. their distribution is dependent not only the distribution of vectors, but also on the distribution of mammalian reservoirs. only by understanding the transmission cycle of these diseases, such as knowing the participating vectors and reservoirs, can one can understand the epidemiology and ecological relationships of leishmaniases. ecotourism has become a ...201728570640
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