a comparative study of the effect of multiple immersions on aedini (diptera: culicidae) mosquito eggs with emphasis on sylvan vectors of yellow fever virus.the effect of multiple immersions on haemagogus janthinomys , haemagogus leucocelaenus , aedes albopictus and ochlerotatus terrens eggs was studied. eggs were collected in april, june, october and december of 2011 in minas gerais, brazil. most of the aedes and ochlerotatus eggs hatched upon the first immersion, while haemagogus eggs showed a varied instalment hatching response. the number of immersions required for hatching increased for eggs collected closer to the dry winter season.201324626304
flight height preference for oviposition of mosquito (diptera: culicidae) vectors of sylvatic yellow fever virus near the hydroelectric reservoir of simplício, minas gerais, this study, the oviposition behavior of mosquito species exhibiting acrodendrophilic habits was investigated. the study was conducted near the simplicio hydroelectic reservoir (shr) located on the border of the states of minas gerais and rio de janeiro, brazil. samples were collected using oviposition traps installed in forest vegetation cover between 1.70 and 4.30 m above ground level during the months of april, june, august, october, and december of 2011. haemagogus janthinomys (dyar), haem ...201323926776
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