first human cases of leishmania (viannia) naiffi infection in ecuador and identification of its suspected vector species.epidemiological surveillance of leishmaniasis was conducted in a northern amazonian region of ecuador, in which cutaneous leishmaniasis cases were recently reported. sand flies were captured in the military training camp, and the natural infection of sand flies by leishmania species was examined. out of 334 female sand flies dissected, the natural infection by flagellates was microscopically detected in 3.9% of lutzomyia yuilli yuilli and 3.7% of lutzomyia tortura, and the parasite species were ...201324044975
molecular detection of leishmania in sand flies (diptera: psychodidae: phlebotominae) collected in the caititu indigenous reserve of the municipality of lábrea, state of amazonas, brazil.phlebotominae sand flies are of medical importance because they are vectors of human pathogens, such as protozoa of the genus leishmania ross, etiological agent of american cutaneous leishmaniasis (acl). in lábrea, a municipality in the state of amazonas, brazil, acl is primarily associated with subsistence activities, such as collection and extraction of forest products, undertaken by both indigenous and nonindigenous people. data on acl in indigenous populations are scarce, such that there is ...201426309318
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