species diversity of leishmania (viannia) parasites circulating in an endemic area for cutaneous leishmaniasis located in the atlantic rainforest region of northeastern identify the aetiological agents of cutaneous leishmaniasis and to investigate the genetic polymorphism of leishmania (viannia) parasites circulating in an area with endemic cutaneous leishmaniasis (cl) in the atlantic rainforest region of northeastern brazil.200919708899
variation between geographical populations of lutzomyia (nyssomyia) whitmani (antunes & coutinho, 1939) sensu lato (diptera:psychodidae:phlebotominae) in brazil.phylogenetic analysis of morphometric and biological characters indicated that there are two distinct forms of lutzomyia whitmani in brazil: one is present both north and south of the river amazonas in the state of pará while the other occurs in northeast brazil, in the state of ceará, and further south, including the type locality in state of bahia. the amazonian form is reportedly neither strongly anthropophilic nor synanthropic, and it is the vector of leishmania shawi; whereas the southern f ...19968734947
leishmania (viannia) shawi sp. n., a parasite of monkeys, sloths and procyonids in amazonian brazil.leishmania (viannia) shawi sp. n., is described from the monkeys cebus apella and chiropotes satanus, the sloths choloepus didactylus and bradypus tridactylus, the procyonid nasua nasua, and the phlebotomine sandfly lutzomyia whitmani, all from primary forest in the state of pará, north brazil. l. (v.) shawi is variably distinguished from all other known species within the subgenus viannia by a combination of biological, biochemical and serological characters, as revealed by studies on morpholog ...19892504099
a mitochondrial dna phylogeny indicates close relationships between populations of lutzomyia whitmani (diptera: psychodidae, phlebotominae) from the rain-forest regions of amazônia and northeast brazil.phylogenetic analysis of all 31 described mitochondrial (cytochrome b) haplotypes of lutzomyia whitmani demonstrated that new material from the state of rondônia, in southwest amazônia, forms a clade within a lineage found only in the rain-forest regions of brazil. this rain-forest lineage also contains two other clades of haplotypes, one from eastern amazônia and one from the atlantic forest zone of northeast brazil (including the type locality of the species in ilhéus, state of bahia). these f ...199910419383
cutaneous leishmaniasis of man due to leishmania (viannia) shawi lainson, de souza, póvoa, ishikawa & silveira, in pará state, brazil.leishmania (viannia) shawi lainson, braga, de souza, póvoa, ishikawa & silveira, 1989, was originally recorded from monkeys (cebus apella and chiropotes satanas), sloths (choloepus didactylus and bradypus tridactylus) and coatis (nasua nasua) and the sandfly, lutzomyia whitmani. with a panel of leishmania specific monoclonal antibodies, it was found that 30.5% of the leishmania strains from patients, who had contracted cutaneous leishmaniasis in pará state, were similar, but not identical to l. ...19911822654
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