taxonomic characteristics of fijiviruses based on nucleotide sequences of the oat sterile dwarf virus genome.sequence determination of full-length cdna clones of genomic segments 7-10 (s7-s10) of oat sterile dwarf fijivirus (osdv) revealed that the 5' and 3' ends of the plus strands of these segments had the same conserved terminal sequences, 5' aacgaaaaa and uuuuuuuaguc 3'. these sequences are similar, but not identical, to the conserved terminal nucleotide sequences of the genomic segments of rice black streaked dwarf fijivirus (rbsdv) and maize rough dwarf fijivirus (mrdv). the coding strands of s7 ...19989634091
sequence analysis of genome segments s4 and s8 of mal de río cuarto virus (mrcv): evidence that the virus should be a separate fijivirus species.this is the first sequence-based characterization of mal de río cuarto virus (mrcv), currently classified as a variant of maize rough dwarf virus (mrdv) and exclusively found in south america. we sequenced and analyzed genome segments s4 and s8. mrcv s4 coded for a putative 131.67 kda protein while mrcv s8 coded for a putative 68.26 kda protein containing an atp/gtp-binding motif. the 5' and 3' ends of mrcv segments, were 5'aaguuuuu3' and 5'cagcunnnguc3', respectively. prediction of secondary st ...200212209310
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