[human and canine american cutaneous leishmaniasis in mariluz, paraná state, brazil].an outbreak of american cutaneous leishmaniasis was reported in 2002 in mariluz, northwestern paraná state, brazil. of 38 humans who were investigated, four had healed lesions, ten showed lesions in the healing process, and 24 had active lesions. of the 126 dogs, 20 (15.9%) presented suggestive lesions and 24 (19%) had positive serology. parasites isolated from two patients and three dogs were identified as leishmania (viannia) braziliensis serodeme i. the captured sand flies were identified as ...200617096049
the sand fly fauna (psychodidae: phlebotominae) in the region of saquarema, state of rio de janeiro, brazil, an endemic area of cutaneous leishmaniasis transmission.cutaneous leishmaniasis, caused by leishmania (viannia) braziliensis, is sporadic in many rural and suburban areas of rio de janeiro state. an investigation was carried out during 2008/9 in the municipality of saquarema, rio de janeiro, southeast brazil, in order to identify the phlebotomine sand fly fauna. more than 2,100 sand flies were collected in peridomestic areas in two chicken coops using cdc light traps. nine species of phlebotomine sand flies were identified: nyssomyia intermedia, nyss ...201121366786
sandflies (diptera, psychodidae) from forest areas in botucatu municipality, central western são paulo state, brazil.the study of the distribution and ecology of sandfly species is essential for epidemiological surveillance and estimation of the transmission risk of leishmania spp. infection.201323849624
the phlebotomine sand flies fauna in parque estadual do rio doce, minas gerais, brazil.phlebotomine sand flies are dipterans of the family psychodidae. they are very important to veterinary medicine because some species are vectors of infective forms of leishmania spp., the etiological agents of leishmaniasis. the parque estadual do rio doce is located in an area with constant reports of cases of leishmaniasis. in order to better understanding the phlebotamine sand fly fauna of the park, the present work was undertaken with the goal of analyzing phlebotomine sand flies collected t ...201526626880
detection of leishmania (viannia) in nyssomyia neivai and nyssomyia whitmani by multiplex polymerase chain reaction, in southern brazil.sandflies transmit pathogens of leishmaniasis. the natural infection of sandflies by leishmania (viannia) was assessed in municipalities, in the state of paraná, in southern brazil. sandflies were collected with falcão and shannon traps. after dissection in search of flagellates in digestive tubes and identification of the species, female sandflies were submitted to the multiplex polymerase chain reaction (multiplex pcr) for detection of the fragment of the kdna of leishmania (viannia) and the f ...025229218
host-biting rate and susceptibility of some suspected vectors to leishmania braziliensis.american tegumentary leishmaniasis is a serious brazilian public health problem. this diseases is attributed to seven species of leishmania, however, the majority of cases are associated with leishmania braziliensis. some phlebotomine species have been implicated in the transmission of this parasite, nonetheless only psychodopygus wellcomei has had its vectorial competence demonstrated. thus this study sought to assess some parameters related to the vectorial capacity of anthropophilic species o ...201424684943
first description of migonemyia migonei (frança) and nyssomyia whitmani (antunes & coutinho) (psychodidae: phlebotominae) natural infected by leishmania infantum in argentina.leishmania infantum is the etiological agent of the visceral leishmaniasis (vl) disease in america, with lutzomyia longipalpis phlebotomine sandflies as its proven vectors in argentina, and infected dogs as its main urban reservoir. in puerto iguazú city (misiones province, argentina), human and canine cases of vl were recorded. additionally, in the rural area known as "2000 hectáreas", less than 10km away from the city, several human cases of tegumentary leishmaniasis (tl) were registered deter ...201526409011
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