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cryptic diversity and habitat partitioning in an economically important aphid species complex.cardamom bushy dwarf virus (cbdv) is an aphid-borne nanovirus which infects large cardamom, amomum subulatum (zingiberaceae family), in the himalayan foothills of northeast india, nepal and bhutan. two aphid species have been reported to transmit cbdv, including pentalonia nigronervosa and micromyzus kalimpongensis (also described as pentalonia kalimpongensis). however, p. nigronervosa was recently split into two species which exhibit different host plant affiliations. whilst p. nigronervosa pri ...201525535945
cardamom bushy dwarf virus infection in large cardamom alters plant selection preference, life stages, and fecundity of aphid vector, micromyzus kalimpongensis (hemiptera: aphididae).cardamom bushy dwarf virus (cbdv) causes foorkey disease of large cardamom (ammomum subulatum roxburgh) in the eastern sub-himalayan mountains. although the aphid micromyzus kalimpongensis basu (hemiptera: aphididae) is known as a vector of cbdv, its behavior in dissemination of cbdv has not been investigated. in the present study, m. kalimpongensis was observed to colonize in higher number on cbdv-infected large cardamom plants compared with the healthy plants in the several plantations in sikk ...201626518036
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