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selection of reference genes from two leafhopper species challenged by phytoplasma infection, for gene expression studies by rt-qpcr.phytoplasmas are phloem-limited phytopathogenic wall-less bacteria and represent a major threat to agriculture worldwide. they are transmitted in a persistent, propagative manner by phloem-sucking hemipteran insects. for gene expression studies based on mrna quantification by rt-qpcr, stability of housekeeping genes is crucial. the aim of this study was the identification of reference genes to study the effect of phytoplasma infection on gene expression of two leafhopper vector species. the iden ...201324119747
interrelationships between "candidatus phytoplasma asteris" and its leafhopper vectors (homoptera: cicadellidae).the titer of chrysanthemum yellows phytoplasma (cyp, "candidatus phytoplasma asteris") in the three vector species euscelis incisus kirschbaum, euscelidius variegatus kirschbaum, and macrosteles quadripunctulatus kirschbaum (homoptera: cicadellidae) was measured after controlled acquisition from infected chrysanthemum carinatum (schousboe) (daisy) plants. phytoplasma dna was quantified in relation to insect dna (genome units [gu] of phytoplasma dna per ng of insect dna) by using a quantitative r ...200717972626
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