genetic and phenotypic analysis of borrelia miyamotoi sp. nov., isolated from the ixodid tick ixodes persulcatus, the vector for lyme disease in japan.the ixodid tick ixodes persulcatus is the most important vector of lyme disease in japan. most spirochete isolates obtained from i. persulcatus ticks have been classified as borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato because of their genetic, biological, and immunological characteristics. however, we found that a small number of isolates obtained from i. persulcatus contained a smaller 38-kda endoflagellar protein and single 23s-5s rrna gene unit. representative isolate ht31t (t = type strain) had the same ...19957547303
[genetic features of borrelia miyamotoi transmitted by ixodes persulcatus].the definition and molecular typing of borrelia miyamotoi transmitted by the ixodes persuccatus ticks was based on the partial sequencing of the 16s rrna, p66, and glpq genes. all the b. miyamotoi analyzed sequences of the 16s rrna, glpq, and p66 gene fragments from i. persulcatus were identical and had 99.9-100% similarity to corresponding genes of the b. miyamotoi strain fr64b isolated in japan. the analyzed amino acid sequences revealed that the 66 protein b. miyamotoi in the site correspondi ...201121786631
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