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detection of a novel rickettsia (alphaproteobacteria: rickettsiales) in rotund ticks (ixodes kingi) from saskatchewan, canada.a novel rickettsia was detected in the rotund tick, ixodes kingi bishopp, 1911, based on comparative dna sequence analyses of 4 genes; the rickettsial-specific 17-kda antigen gene, citrate synthase gene (glta), the outer surface membrane protein a gene (ompa), and the 16s rrna gene. the rickettsiae in i. kingi differed in nucleotide sequence from those of other rickettsia species by 5.8-18.3% for the 17-kda gene, 0.9-13.9% for glta, 5.5-22.8% for ompa, and 0.9-1.6% for the 16s rrna gene. phyloge ...201323419865
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