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investigation of tick-borne bacteria (rickettsia spp., anaplasma spp., ehrlichia spp. and borrelia spp.) in ticks collected from andean tapirs, cattle and vegetation from a protected area in ecuador.ixodid ticks play an important role in the transmission and ecology of infectious diseases. information about the circulation of tick-borne bacteria in ticks is lacking in ecuador. our aims were to investigate the tick species that parasitize andean tapirs and cattle, and those present in the vegetation from the buffer zone of the antisana ecological reserve and cayambe-coca national park (ecuador), and to investigate the presence of tick-borne bacteria.201525616567
molecular detection and identification of rickettsiales pathogens in dog ticks from costa rica.although vector-borne diseases are globally widespread with considerable impact on animal production and on public health, few reports document their presence in central america. this study focuses on the detection and molecular identification of species belonging to selected bacterial genera (ehrlichia, anaplasma and rickettsia) in ticks sampled from dogs in costa rica by targeting several genes: 16s rrna/dsb genes for ehrlichia; 16s rrna/groel genes for anaplasma, and ompa/glta/groel genes for ...201627480409
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