retrospective study of hemoparasites in cattle in southern italy by reverse line blot hybridization.tick-borne diseases are widespread in tropical and temperate regions and are responsible for important economic losses in those areas. in order to assess the presence and prevalence of various pathogens in southern italy, we retrospectively analyzed cattle blood samples collected for a previous study in 2000 using reverse line blot (rlb) hybridization. the study had been carried out in three regions of southern italy on 1,500 randomly selected and apparently healthy adult cattle. rlb showed that ...201424614604
a molecular survey of theileria and babesia parasites in cattle, with a note on the distribution of ticks in tunisia.between october and november 2006, a total of 278 bovine blood samples were examined, and 104 (37.4%) were positive for piroplasms by microscopy. a reverse line blot hybridisation with polymerase chain reaction detected theileria annulata, t. buffeli, babesia bovis and b. bigemina in cattle accounting for 48.6% of positive samples. the most frequently found species was t. buffeli, which was present in 39.2% of the samples. t. annulata was found in 48 samples (17.3%). babesia infections were less ...200818458949
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