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[detection of babesia spp. dna in small mammals and ixodic ticks on the territory of north ural, west siberia and far east of russia].totally, 932 small mammals and 458 questing adult ixodes persulcatus from sverdlovsk and novosibirsk regions and khabarovsk territory, as well as 128 haemaphysalis japonica, 34 h. concinna and 29 dermacentor silvarum from khabarovsk territory were examined for the presence of babesia by nested pcr based on the 18s rrna gene. babesia microti dna was found in samples of small mammals from all the studied regions--in 36.2% of samples from sverdlovsk region, 5.3% of samples from novosibirsk region, ...201020886686
genetic variability of babesia parasites in haemaphysalis spp. and ixodes persulcatus ticks in the baikal region and far east of study babesia diversity in ixodid ticks in russia, ixodes persulcatus, haemaphysalis japonica, haemaphysalisconcinna, dermacentor silvarum, and dermacentor nuttalli ticks collected in the far east and baikal region were assayed for the presence of babesia spp. using nested pcr. in total, babesia dna was detected in 30 of the 1125 (2.7%) i. persulcatus, 17 of the 573 (3.0%) h. concinna, and 12 of the 543 (2.2%) h. japonica but was undetectable in any of the 294 analyzed dermacentor spp. partia ...201425460820
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