occurrence of tick-transmitted pathogens in dogs in jos, plateau state, nigeria.canine babesiosis caused by babesia rossi, transmitted by haemaphysalis elliptica in south africa, has also been reported from nigeria. although h. leachi (sensu lato) is widespread in sub-saharan africa, published literature on the occurrence of canine babesiosis is meagre. it has been postulated that the genotype of babesia rossi erythrocyte membrane antigen 1 (brema1) may be linked to virulence of the specific isolate. the primary objective of this study was to detect and characterise tick-bo ...201424661795
confirmation of occurrence of <i>babesia vogeli</i> in a dog in windhoek, central namibia.although there is evidence of high seroprevalence of antibodies to babesia spp. in dogs in central namibia, clinical babesiosis is rarely diagnosed. rhipicephalus sanguineus sensu lato, the vector of babesia vogeli, is common in namibia while haemaphysalis elliptica, the vector of the highly virulent but morphologically indistinguishable babesia rossi, has rarely been recorded, mainly in northern namibia. on the basis of vector occurrence, clinical cases of canine babesiosis in windhoek, central ...201627796110
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