an outbreak of mayaro virus disease in belterra, brazil. iii. entomological and ecological studies.results in entomological and vertebrate host investigations made during dual outbreaks of mayaro (may) and yellow fever (yf) viruses in belterra, pará, brazil in 1978 are reported. over 9,000 insects representing 26 species were assayed in 396 pools for the presence of arboviruses. pools of haemagogus janthinomys dyar yielded the only isolates of either may or yf virus. the minimum field infection rate for nine isolates of may virus from hg. janthinomys was 1:82, and for two isolates of yf virus ...19816266265
characterization of mitochondrial genome of haemagogus janthinomys (diptera: culicidae).haemagogus janthinomys is a mosquito of high importance in public health due its involvement on natural wild cycles of two important arboviruses in the brazilian amazon region: yellow fever virus (flaviviridae, flavivirus) and mayaro virus (togaviridae, alphavirus). here, we have sequenced and described all the mitochondrial genes for the hg. janthinomys species. the complete coding sequence is14 937 bp long and includes 37 functional genes, of which 13 codes for proteins, 22 for trna and 2 for ...201726709451
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