infection with the secondary tsetse-endosymbiont sodalis glossinidius (enterobacteriales: enterobacteriaceae) influences parasitism in glossina pallidipes (diptera: glossinidae).the establishment of infection with three trypanosoma spp (gruby) (kinetoplastida: trypanosomatidae), specifically trypanosoma brucei brucei (plimmer and bradford), t. b. rhodesiense (stephen and fatham) and t. congolense (broden) was evaluated in glossina pallidipes (austen) (diptera: glossinidae) that either harbored or were uninfected by the endosymbiont sodalis glossinidius (dale and maudlin) (enterobacteriales: enterobacteriaceae). temporal variation of co-infection with t. b. rhodesiense a ...201425527583
a comparison of the susceptibility to stocks of trypanosoma brucei brucei of glossina pallidipes originating from allopatric populations in kenya. 19958541599
tsetse fly (glossina pallidipes) midgut responses to trypanosoma brucei challenge.tsetse flies (glossina spp.) are the prominent vector of african trypanosome parasites (trypanosoma spp.) in sub-saharan africa, and glossina pallidipes is the most widely distributed species in kenya. this species displays strong resistance to infection by parasites, which are typically eliminated in the midgut shortly after acquisition from the mammalian host. although extensive molecular information on immunity for the related species glossina morsitans morsitans exists, similar information i ...201729258576
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