phenotypic characteristics and trypanosome prevalence of mursi cattle breed in the bodi and mursi districts of south omo zone, southwest ethiopia.the study was conducted to characterize the morphological features of mursi cattle breed and to identify the species of trypanosome infecting the cattle and its prevalence in these traditionally managed cattle in the bodi and mursi pastoral communities. cattle body description and measurements were made on 201 matured animals. blood samples were collected from 409 animals into heparin-treated capillary tubes and were centrifuged to 12,000 rpm for 5 min to identify trypanosome species from the we ...201525510298
bovine trypanosomosis and its fly vectors in three selected settlement areas of hawa-gelan district, western ethiopia.a cross-sectional study aimed at investigating the species diversity of fly vectors and estimating the prevalence of bovine trypanosomosis was carried out from october 2009 to may 2010 in selected settlement areas of the hawa-gelan district in the western wollega zone of ethiopia. standard methods of sampling and identification were employed for both entomological and parasitological examination. three species of the genus glossina (glossina pallidipes, glossina morsitans submorsitans and glossi ...201425686018
a cross-sectional study of trypanosomosis and its vectors in donkeys and mules in northwest ethiopia.a preliminary study was conducted in january 2009 in four peasant associations (pas) selected from two districts in benishangul gumuz regional state, northwest ethiopia to investigate the prevalence and species of trypanosomes infecting donkeys and mules and identify the fly vectors playing a role in the transmission of trypanosomosis. blood samples were collected from a total of 334 donkeys and 52 mules and examined by dark ground/phase contrast buffy coat technique and giemsa-stained blood sme ...201020143093
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