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control of glossina longipennis (diptera: glossinidae) by insecticide-treated targets at galana ranch, kenya, and confirmation of the role of g. longipennis as a vector of cattle trypanosomiasis.glossina longipennis corti was studied in galana ranch, kenya over a four year period, in two areas (tank e and lali) where the species was abundant and other species were absent or scarce. there was active transmission of trypanosomiasis to cattle in both areas, the parasite species being trypanosoma vivax ziemann and t. congolense broden. mean infection rates of the g. longipennis were 1.1% and 0. 55% for t. vivax and t. congolense respectively at tank e, and 0.88% and 0.15% at lali. experimen ...200011082557
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