transmission of iris yellow spot virus by frankliniella fusca and thrips tabaci (thysanoptera: thripidae).thrips-transmitted iris yellow spot virus (iysv) (family bunyaviridae, genus tospovirus) affects onion production in the united states and worldwide. the presence of iysv in georgia was confirmed in 2003. two important thrips species that transmit tospoviruses, the onion thrips (thrips tabaci (lindeman)) and the tobacco thrips (frankliniella fusca (hinds)) are known to infest onion in georgia. however, t. tabaci is the only confirmed vector of iysv. experiments were conducted to test the vector ...201222420253
thrips settling, oviposition and iysv distribution on onion foliage.thrips tabaci lindeman (thysanoptera: thripidae) adult and larval settling and oviposition on onion (allium cepa l.) foliage were investigated in relation to leaf position and leaf length at prebulb plant growth stages under controlled conditions. in the laboratory, four and six adult females of t. tabaci were released on onion plants at three-leaf stage and six- to eight-leaf stage, respectively, and thrips egg, nymph, and adult count data were collected on each of the three inner most leaves a ...201526470242
iris yellow spot virus (tospovirus: bunyaviridae): from obscurity to research priority.iris yellow spot virus (iysv) is in the genus tospovirus, family bunyaviridae, with a single-stranded, tri-segmented rna genome with an ambisense genome organization. members of the other genera in the family infect predominantly vertebrates and insects.201525476540
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