metagenomic-based surveillance of pacific coast tick dermacentor occidentalis identifies two novel bunyaviruses and an emerging human ricksettsial increasing number of emerging tick-borne diseases has been reported in the united states since the 1970s. using metagenomic next generation sequencing, we detected nucleic acid sequences from 2 novel viruses in the family bunyaviridae and an emerging human rickettsial pathogen, rickettsia philipii, in a population of the pacific coast tick, dermacentor occidentalis in mendocino county sampled annually from 2011 to 2014. a total of 250 adults of this human-biting, generalist tick were collecte ...201728947798
the eco-epidemiology of pacific coast tick fever in california.rickettsia philipii (type strain "rickettsia 364d"), the etiologic agent of pacific coast tick fever (pctf), is transmitted to people by the pacific coast tick, dermacentor occidentalis. following the first confirmed human case of pctf in 2008, 13 additional human cases have been reported in california, more than half of which were pediatric cases. the most common features of pctf are the presence of at least one necrotic lesion known as an eschar (100%), fever (85%), and headache (79%); four ca ...201627706171
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