activity of culicoides spp. (diptera: ceratopogonidae) inside and outside of livestock stables in late winter and spring.culicoides latreille, 1809 midge species are the putative vectors of bluetongue virus (btv) and schmallenberg virus (sbv) in europe. to gain a better understanding of the epidemiology of the diseases, basic knowledge about the overwintering of the vectors is needed. therefore, we investigated culicoid activity in relation to air temperature at livestock stables during late winter and spring season. ceratopogonids were captured weekly indoors and outdoors on three cattle farms, three horse farms ...201728054179
detection of the schmallenberg virus in nulliparous culicoides obsoletus/scoticus complex and c. punctatus--the possibility of transovarial virus transmission in the midge population and of a new vector.the arthropod-borne schmallenberg virus (sbv) emerged in europe in the late summer/autumn of 2011. sbv spread across the continent until 2012. this paper presents sbv detection in female culicoides spp. caught in uv traps located in 23 different locations in poland. the midges were divided into pools containing 20.5 individual insects on average according to species and parity status. the study was based on duplex real-time reverse transcription pcr (rt-pcr) for the detection of the sbv s segmen ...201323928121
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