biting of anthropophilic culicoides fulvithorax (diptera: ceratopogonidae), a vector of mansonella perstans in nigeria.anthropophilic culicoides were investigated in a rural community endemic for mansonella perstans in ijebu north area of western nigeria between december 2003 and october 2004. three hundred and fifty-nine adults of culicoides fulvithorax collected by human bait in the morning were dissected for mansonella perstans larvae, and 1.95% of infection rate was found. seasonal abundance of c. fulvithorax was investigated by monthly biting rates, and showed that higher prevalence was observed in rainy se ...200616514285
man-biting species of chrysops meigen, culicoides latreille and simulium latreille in ethiopia, with discussion of their vector potentialities.human filariasis and its vectors are little known in ethiopia. wuchereia bancrofti is confined to the western lowlands and cannot be the aetiological agent of elephantiasis in the highlands. onchocerca volvulus is widespread in the south-western highlands. loa loa and dipetalonema perstans are reported here for the first time and appear to be uncommon. studies were conducted in 1973, mostly near jimma in kaffa province, on potential vectors of all but the first of these parasites. among simuliid ...1977877992
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