detection of quang binh virus from mosquitoes in china.flaviviruses present a wide range of genetic diversity and exhibit diverse host relationships. mosquito-borne flaviviruses have recently been isolated and characterized worldwide. yunnan province of china is one of the richest areas of species diversity and is the center of multi-species evolution in mainland asia, which supports the circulation of numerous arthropod-borne viruses (arboviruses). in a screening program of arboviruses, mosquitoes were collected during the mosquito activity season ...201424342141
detection of mosquito-only flaviviruses in europe.the genus flavivirus, family flaviviridae, includes a number of important arthropod-transmitted human pathogens such as dengue viruses, west nile virus, japanese encephalitis virus and yellow fever virus. in addition, the genus includes flaviviruses without a known vertebrate reservoir, which have been detected only in insects, particularly in mosquitoes, such as cell fusing agent virus, kamiti river virus, culex flavivirus, aedes flavivirus, quang binh virus, nakiwogo virus and calbertado virus ...201222377581
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