possible contributing factors to the paucity of yellow fever epidemics in the ashanti region of ghana, west africa.yellow fever virus vectors identified in the ashanti region of ghana included aedes aegypti, aedes africanus, aedes luteocephalus and aedes vittatus. other mosquito species, unrelated to yellow fever transmission, identified in this study included culex tigripes, culex thalassius, culex decens, culex tarsalis, anopheles gambiae, anopheles stephansi and toxorynchites brevipalpis. factors generally known to influence yellow fever transmission were also studied in the ashanti region. these included ...19968625858
[arboviruses also have an american dream].some arboviruses that originated in the old world have been introduced by humans into the american continent. the first of them was the yellow fever virus, coming from the west african coast with slaves in the 17th-19th centuries, followed by dengue viruses, which were always prevalent within the americas. next was thewest nile virus, introduced in new york in 1999, that spread in only a few years over the whole continent. then, chikungunya virus arrived on saint martin island in 2013 after its ...201728509947
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