detection of rna from a novel west nile-like virus and high prevalence of an insect-specific flavivirus in mosquitoes in the yucatan peninsula of part of our ongoing surveillance efforts for west nile virus (wnv) in the yucatan peninsula of mexico, 96,687 mosquitoes collected from january through december 2007 were assayed by virus isolation in mammalian cells. three mosquito pools caused cytopathic effect. two isolates were orthobunyaviruses (cache valley virus and kairi virus) and the identity of the third infectious agent was not determined. a subset of mosquitoes was also tested by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction (r ...200919141845
complete genome sequence of t'ho virus, a novel putative flavivirus from the yucatan peninsula of mexico.we previously reported the discovery of a novel, putative flavivirus designated t'ho virus in culex quinquefasciatus mosquitoes in the yucatan peninsula of mexico. a 1358-nt region of the ns5 gene was amplified and sequenced but an isolate was not recovered.201728606155
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