experimental transmission of zika virus by mosquitoes from central europe.mosquitoes collected in germany in 2016, including culex pipiens pipiens biotype pipiens, culex torrentium and aedes albopictus, as well as culex pipiens pipiens biotype molestus (in colony since 2011) were experimentally infected with zika virus (zikv) at 18 °c or 27 °c. none of the culex taxa showed vector competence for zikv. in contrast, aedes albopictus were susceptible for zikv but only at 27 °c, with transmission rates similar to an aedes aegypti laboratory colony tested in parallel.201728106528
transmission incompetence of culex quinquefasciatus and culex pipiens pipiens from north america for zika virus.abstractin late 2014, zika virus (zikv; flaviviridae, flavivirus) emerged as a significant arboviral disease threat in the western hemisphere. aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus have been considered the principal vectors of zikv in the new world due to viral isolation frequency and vector competence assessments. limited reports of culex transmission potential have highlighted the need for additional vector competence assessments of north american culex species. accordingly, north american culex ...201728500817
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