vector roles of fennoscandian mosquitoes attracted to mammals, birds and frogs.1. mosquitoes were sampled with five suction traps, from may to october 1983, at a forest site in south-central sweden. 2. twenty-three species of mosquitoes were identified among the total of 3108 females collected: 4% of them in an unbaited trap, 3% in a trap baited with two frogs, 24% with a guinea-pig, 28% with a hen and 40% in a trap baited with a rabbit. 3. the dominant species of culicidae trapped were 39% aedes communis (de geer), 21% ae. cinereus meigen, 14% coquillettidia richiardii (f ...19901983455
antimicrobial activity of mosquito cecropin peptides against francisella.francisella tularensis is the cause of the zoonotic disease tularemia. in sweden and scandinavia, epidemiological studies have implicated mosquitoes as a vector. prior research has demonstrated the presence of francisella dna in infected mosquitoes but has not shown definitive transmission of tularemia from a mosquito to a mammalian host. we hypothesized that antimicrobial peptides, an important component of the innate immune system of higher organisms, may play a role in mosquito host-defense t ...201627235883
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