blood meal analysis, flavivirus screening, and influence of meteorological variables on the dynamics of potential mosquito vectors of west nile virus in northern extended area of northern italy has experienced several west nile virus (wnv) outbreaks and the emergence of usutu virus (usuv) during previous years. our aim was to study some of the factors that could explain disease patterns in the trentino region, where circulation was detected in human sera and sentinel chickens, but no human or equine cases were reported. we collected culex species (diptera: culicidae) in peridomestic environments. the collected specimens were analyzed for feeding behav ...201222548533
species composition, co-occurrence, association and affinity indices of mosquito larvae (diptera: culicidae) in mazandaran province, northern iran.although considerable progress has been made in the past years in management of mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever and west nile fever through research in biology and ecology of the vectors, these diseases are still major threats to human health. therefore, more research is required for better management of the diseases. this investigation provides information on the composition, co-occurrence, association and affinity indices of mosquito larvae in mazandaran province, ...201626805471
diversity and ecology survey of mosquitoes potential vectors in belgian equestrian farms: a threat prevention of mosquito-borne equine arboviruses.emergence of west nile virus was recently recorded in several european countries, which can lead to severe health problems in horse populations. europe is also at risk of introduction of mosquito-borne equine alphavirus from americas. prevention of these arboviruses requires a clear understanding of transmission cycles, especially their vectors. to characterize mosquito fauna, their ecology and identify potential vectors of equine arboviruses in belgium, entomological surveys of six equestrian f ...201626775817
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