expectoration of flaviviruses during sugar feeding by mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae).biological transmission of arboviruses to a vertebrate host occurs when virions are expelled along with saliva during blood feeding by a hematophagous arthropod. we undertook experiments to determine whether mosquitoes expectorate flaviviruses in their saliva while sugar feeding. batches of culex annulirostris skuse and culex gelidus theobald (diptera: culicidae) were orally infected with japanese encephalitis (family flaviviridae, genus flavivirus, jev), kunjin (family flaviviridae, genus flavi ...200717915518
replication potential and different modes of transmission of west nile virus in an indian strain of culex gelidus theobald (diptera: culicidae) mosquitoes.culex gelidus mosquito, an important vector of japanese encephalitis virus, has shown to transmit west nile virus (wnv), kunjin and murray valley encephalitis viruses experimentally. an attempt was, therefore, made to study the replication kinetics and vector competence of an indian strain of cx. gelidus to wnv.201425540967
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