host feeding patterns of culex mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) in east baton rouge parish, feeding patterns were examined for four species of culex mosquitoes collected from 18 sites in or adjacent to east baton rouge parish, la, from november 2002 to october 2004. host dna from 37 bloodfed culex coronator dyar and knab, 67 bloodfed cx. salinarius coquillett, 112 bloodfed cx. nigripalpus theobald, and 684 bloodfed cx. quinquefasciatus say were identified. the percentages of bloodmeals containing mammalian dna were 94.6% for cx. coronator, 82.1% for cx. salinarius, 66.1% for cx. n ...201020380306
detection of west nile virus rna in mosquitoes and identification of mosquito blood meals collected at alligator farms in louisiana.since 2001, alligator farms in the united states have sustained substantial economic losses because of west nile virus (wnv) outbreaks in american alligators (alligator mississippiensis). once an initial infection is introduced into captive alligators, wnv can spread among animals by contaminative transmission. some outbreaks have been linked to feeding on infected meat or the introduction of infected hatchlings, but the initial source of wnv infection has been uncertain in other outbreaks. we c ...201020695278
[The presence of Culicidae species in medium-sized cities in the State of São Paulo, Brazil and the risk of West Nile fever and other arbovirus infection].The objectives for this study were to measure the diversity of Culicidae species, describe their abundance and seasonal variation in São José do Rio Preto, SP, and discuss the risk of arbovirus infections.201121860898
reproductive biology and susceptibility of florida culex coronator to infection with west nile virus.abstract ornithophilic culex species are considered the primary amplification vectors of west nile virus (wnv) in bird hosts as well as vectors responsible for epidemic transmission. culex coronator was first collected from okaloosa, santa rosa, walton, and washington counties in florida in 2005 and has since spread throughout the state. the vector competence of cx. coronator for wnv, known to be infected in nature, has not been assessed. without this knowledge, we are unable to assess this spec ...025072992
wing geometry of culex coronator (diptera: culicidae) from south and southeast brazil.the coronator group encompasses culex coronator dyar & knab, culex camposi dyar, culex covagarciai forattini, culex ousqua dyar, culex usquatissimus dyar, culex usquatus dyar and culex yojoae strickman. culex coronator has the largest geographic distribution, occurring in north, central and south america. moreover, it is a potential vector-borne mosquito species because females have been found naturally infected with several arboviruses, i.e., saint louis encephalitis virus, venezuelan equine en ...201424721508
mitochondrial genomes and comparative analyses of culex camposi, culex coronator, culex usquatus and culex usquatissimus (diptera:culicidae), members of the coronator group.the coronator group currently encompasses six morphologically similar species (culex camposi dyar, culex coronator dyar and knab, culex covagarciai forattini, culex usquatus dyar, culex usquatissimus dyar, and culex ousqua dyar). culex coronator has been incriminated as a potential vector of west nile virus (wnv), saint louis encephalitis virus (slev), and venezuelan equine encephalitis virus (veev). the complete mitochondrial genome of cx. coronator, cx. usquatus, cx.usquatissimus, and cx. camp ...201526489754
an updated checklist of the mosquitoes of oklahoma including new state records and west nile virus vectors, 2003-06.the mosquito fauna of oklahoma has not been evaluated since 1965 and no report has been published concerning species associated with urban areas in the state. mosquito collections were conducted as part of the west nile virus (wnv) surveillance program between april and november from 2003 to 2006, using standard collection methods. a total of 74,756 adults were collected in 26 urban centers in 16 counties of oklahoma. altogether, 40 species were recorded during this study period, bringing the to ...201526675455
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