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bartonella and rickettsia in arthropods from the lao pdr and from borneo, malaysia.rickettsioses and bartonelloses are arthropod-borne diseases of mammals with widespread geographical distributions. yet their occurrence in specific regions, their association with different vectors and hosts and the infection rate of arthropod-vectors with these agents remain poorly studied in south-east asia. we conducted entomological field surveys in the lao pdr (laos) and borneo, malaysia by surveying fleas, ticks, and lice from domestic dogs and collected additional samples from domestic c ...201122153360
evidence for a specific host-endosymbiont relationship between 'rickettsia sp. genotype rf2125' and ctenocephalides felis orientis infesting dogs in india.fleas of the genus ctenocephalides serve as vectors for a number of rickettsial zoonoses, including rickettsia felis. there are currently no published reports of the presence and distribution of r. felis in india, however, the ubiquitous distribution of its vector ctenocephalides felis, makes it possible that the pathogen is endemic to the region. this study investigates the occurrence of rickettsia spp. infection in various subspecies of c. felis infesting dogs from urban areas of mumbai, delhi ...201525884425
integrated morphological and molecular identification of cat fleas (ctenocephalides felis) and dog fleas (ctenocephalides canis) vectoring rickettsia felis in central europe.fleas of the genus ctenocephalides are the most common ectoparasites infesting dogs and cats world-wide. the species ctenocephalides felis and ctenocephalides canis are competent vectors for zoonotic pathogens such as rickettsia felis and bartonella spp. improved knowledge on the diversity and phylogenetics of fleas is important for understanding flea-borne pathogen transmission cycles. fleas infesting privately owned dogs and cats from the czech republic (n=97) and romania (n=66) were subjected ...201525899079
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