[bartonella henselae infection in domestic cat and dog fleas].we studied on the infection of domestic cat and dog fleas with bartonella henselae by polymerase chain reaction (pcr). a total of 62 fleas (36 ctenocephalidis felis from cats, 24 c. felis from dogs and 2 ctenocephalidis canis from dogs), stored in 70% ethanol, were analyzed by pcr for b. henselae specific dna. of the 62 fleas, c. felis from cats and dogs were positive for b. henselae specific dna in 12 of the 36 (33.3%) and in 5 of the 24 (20.8%), respectively, and c. canis from dogs was positiv ...200111260879
identification of rickettsia spp. and bartonella spp. in ffrom the thai-myanmar border.during a survey for possible rickettsial vectors in villages of the central part of the thai-myanmar border from september 2001 to february 2002, four species of fleas were collected from common peridomestic animals. all fleas were tested by pcr to detect dna of bacteria of the genera rickettsia (glta and ompb genes) and bartonella (its and ftsz genes). sequencing of pcr-amplified products was done using glta fragments for rickettsia and ftsz fragments for bartonella: two genotypes related to ri ...200312860622
prevalence of rickettsia felis-like and bartonella spp. in ctenocephalides felis and ctenocephalides canis from la rioja (northern spain).our aim was to determine the presence of rickettsia spp. and bartonella spp. in ctenocephalides felis and ctenocephalides canis from la rioja (spain). a total of 88 specimens were tested by polymerase chain reaction (pcr) using glta and ompb genes as targets for rickettsia spp., and 16s rrna and ribc genes for bartonella spp. rickettsia felis-like (28.4%), bartonella clarridgeiae (6.8%), and bartonella henselae (3.4%) were detected in ctenocephalides spp. other bartonella sp. different from b. c ...200617114721
bartonella infections in fleas (siphonaptera: pulicidae) and lack of bartonellae in ticks (acari: ixodidae) from hungary.fleas (95 pulex irritans, 50 ctenocephalides felis, 45 ctenocephalides canis) and ixodid ticks (223 ixodes ricinus, 231 dermacentor reticulatus, 204 haemaphysalis concinna) were collected in hungary and tested, in assays based on pcr, for bartonella infection. low percentages of p. irritans (4.2%) and c. felis (4.0%) were found to be infected. the groel sequences of the four isolates from p. irritans were different from all the homologous sequences for bartonellae previously stored in genbank bu ...200617252927
molecular evidence for bartonella spp. in cat and dog fleas from germany and france.nine hundred and fifty-two fleas were collected from 148 cats and 133 dogs at 18 widely distributed geographic locations in germany and france and examined for the presence of six different bartonella spp. (bartonella bacilliformis, bartonella clarridgeiae, bartonella elizabethae, bartonella henselae, bartonella quintana, bartonella vinsonii subsp. berkhoffii) by pcr. thirty-five specimens (3.7%) tested positive for either b. henselae (14 positive fleas) or b. clarridgeiae (21 positive fleas). d ...200818489542
detection and identification of bartonella sp. in fleas from carnivorous mammals in andalusia, spain.a total of 559 fleas representing four species (pulex irritans, ctenocephalides felis, ctenocephalides canis and spilopsyllus cuniculi) collected on carnivores (five iberian lynx lynx pardinus, six european wildcat felis silvestris, 10 common genet genetta genetta, three eurasian badger meles meles, 22 red fox vulpes vulpes, 87 dogs and 23 cats) in andalusia, southern spain, were distributed in 156 pools of monospecific flea from each carnivore, and tested for bartonella infection in an assay ba ...200919941605
molecular detection of zoonotic bartonellae (b. henselae, b. elizabethae and b. rochalimae) in fleas collected from dogs in israel.fleas represent an acknowledged burden on dogs worldwide. the characterization of flea species infesting kennel dogs from two localities in israel (rehovot and jerusalem) and their molecular screening for bartonella species (rhizobiales: bartonellaceae) was investigated. a total of 355 fleas were collected from 107 dogs. the fleas were morphologically classified and molecularly screened targeting the bartonella 16s-23s internal transcribed spacer (its). of the 107 dogs examined, 80 (74.8%) were ...201525865162
bartonella species in fleas from palestinian territories: prevalence and genetic diversity.bartonellosis is an infectious bacterial disease. the prevalence and genetic characteristics of bartonella spp. in fleas of wild and domestic animals from palestinian territories are described. flea samples (n=289) were collected from 121 cats, 135 dogs, 26 hyraxes and seven rats from northern (n=165), central (n=113), and southern palestinian territories (n=11). the prevalent flea species were: ctenocephalides felis (n=119/289; 41.2%), ctenocephalides canis (n=159/289; 55%), and xenopsylla sp. ...201425424254
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