rickettsia hoogstraalii sp. nov., isolated from hard- and soft-bodied ticks.a novel spotted fever group rickettsia was found in haemaphysalis sulcata ticks collected from sheep and goats in croatia in 2006. at the same time, a genetically identical organism was co-isolated with the embryonic cell line cce3 obtained from the soft tick carios capensis in georgia, usa. in this study, further phenotypic and genotypic characteristics of the novel rickettsial strain present in h. sulcata ticks were investigated. based on the cultivation of bacteria in mosquito and vero cell c ...201019666817
rickettsia spp. in seabird ticks from western indian ocean islands, 2011-2012.we found a diversity of rickettsia spp. in seabird ticks from 6 tropical islands. the bacteria showed strong host specificity and sequence similarity with strains in other regions. seabird ticks may be key reservoirs for pathogenic rickettsia spp., and bird hosts may have a role in dispersing ticks and tick-associated infectious agents over large distances.024751287
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