turnip mosaic virus and the quest for durable resistance.summary taxonomy: turnip mosaic virus (tumv) is a member of the genus potyvirus (type species potato virus y) in the family potyviridae. to date, tumv is the only potyvirus known to infect brassicas. there are potyvirus isolates that appear serologically similar to tumv when tested with polyclonal antisera that do not readily infect brassicas (lesemann and vetten, 1985). physical properties: virions are approximately 720 x 15-20 nm flexuous rods (fig. 1) and are composed of 95% coat protein (cp) ...200220569337
Assessing aphids potato virus Y-transmission efficiency: A new approach.In order to develop an alternative method to optimize the relative efficiency factor (REF) assessment, the efficiency of transmission of Potato virus Y (PVY) by seven aphid species was examined. In vitro micropropagated potato plantlets were used to experiment on phenotypically and genetically homogeneous material. Species-specific acquisition access period (AAP) on a PVY-infected plantlet was assessed for each aphid species using electrical penetration graph (EPG) technique. Aphid probing behav ...201121884729
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