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natural infection of phlebotomines (diptera: psychodidae) by leishmania (leishmania) amazonensis in an area of ecotourism in central-western brazil.bonito municipality, known as an area of ecoturism, in mato grosso do sul state, brazil, is also a focus of visceral and cutaneous leishmaniases, with cases registered in both human and canine populations. this study sought to investigate natural infection by flagellate forms of leishmania in phlebotomines of the urban area of bonito.201526435708
sand fly captures with disney traps in area of occurrence of leishmania (leishmania) amazonensis in the state of mato grosso do sul, mid-western brazil.the work was conducted to study phlebotomine fauna (diptera: psychodidae) and aspects of american cutaneous leishmaniasis transmission in a forested area where leishmania (leishmania) amazonensis occurs, situated in the municipality of bela vista, state of mato grosso do sul, brazil.201021085855
phlebotomine fauna (diptera: psychodidae) of an american cutaneous leishmaniasis endemic area in the state of mato grosso do sul, brazil.the occurrence of an outbreak of cutaneous leishmaniasis associated with leishmania (leishmania) amazonensis in the municipality of bela vista, state of mato grosso do sul, brazil, and the absence of information on its vectors in this area led the authors to undertake captures of phlebotomine sand flies, using shannon traps and automatic cdc light traps, in domiciles, forested areas and animal shelters from february 2004-january 2006. a total of 808 specimens belonging to 18 sandfly species have ...200919820827
epidemiological study on leishmaniasis in an area of environmental tourism and ecotourism, state of mato grosso do sul, 2006-2007.the aims of this study were to carry out a serological survey of canine leishmaniasis and identify the phlebotomine fauna in the urban area of bonito, mato grosso do sul. the serological survey was conducted on a sample of 303 dogs, by means of the indirect immunofluorescence test. phlebotomines were captured using automated light traps. the serological survey found that 30% of the dogs were seropositive, both from the center and from all districts of the town. a total of 2,772 specimens of phle ...200919967228
[sandfly fauna (diptera: psychodidae) in a focus of american cutaneous leishmaniasis on the urban periphery of manaus, state of amazonas].from august 2001 to july 2002, sand flies were collected from the bases of trees and, using cdc and disney traps, from areas surrounding homes and forested areas in the são joão community, on the urban periphery of manaus, state of amazonas. 4,104 specimens belonging to four subtribes, 13 genera and 49 species of the phlebotominae subfamily were collected. the subtribe psychodopygina predominated, with 3,403 (83%) specimens, especially of nyssomyia umbratilis, nyssomyia anduzei, trichophoromyia ...200819009191
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