biological and molecular properties of a begomovirus from dicliptera sexangularis.abstract sixangle foldwing, dicliptera sexangularis (acanthaceae), showing severe yellow mottle and leaf distortion symptoms was collected from the shoreline of calusa island (lee county, fl). the putative virus was transmitted from infected d. sexangularis to healthy seedlings by mechanical, whitefly (bemisia tabaci biotype b), and graft-inoculations. different forms of geminivirus-like dnas were detected in total dna extracted from infected plants by southern blot hybridization analyses using ...200018944491
a novel synthetic quantification standard including virus and internal report targets: application for the detection and quantification of emerging begomoviruses on tomato.abstract: background: begomovirus is a genus of phytopathogenic single-stranded dna viruses, transmitted by the whitefly bemisia tabaci. this genus includes emerging and economically significant viruses such as those associated with tomato yellow leaf curl disease, for which diagnostic tools are needed to prevent dispersion and new introductions. five real-time pcrs with an internal tomato reporter gene were developed for accurate detection and quantification of monopartite begomoviruses, includ ...201121819593
potato yellow mosaic virus: a synonym of tomato yellow mosaic virus.tomato yellow mosaic was first described in 1963, as a disease caused by a geminivirus transmitted by the whitefly bemisia tabaci in venezuela. in 1981 and 1985, tomato yellow mosaic virus (toymv) was reported to occasionally infect potato plants growing in the proximity of tomato plantings affected by this virus. despite these previous reports, a virus isolated from yellow mosaic-affected potato plants in venezuela, was described in 1986 as a "new geminivirus" called potato yellow mosaic virus ...200111765926
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