spatial analysis of temporal changes in the pandemic of severe cassava mosaic disease in north-western improve understanding of the dynamics of the cassava mosaic disease (cmd) pandemic front, geospatial approaches were applied to the analysis of three years' data obtained from a 2° by 2° (ca 222km by 222 km) area of north-western tanzania. a total of 80 farmers' fields were assessed in each of 2009, 2010 and 2011, with 20 evenly-distributed fields per 1° by 1° quadrant. cmd-associated variables (cmd incidence, cmd severity, vector-borne cmd infection and vector abundance) increased in magnitu ...201728714353
fitness costs associated with infections of secondary endosymbionts in the cassava whitefly species bemisia tabaci.we investigated the dual effects of bacterial infections and diseased cassava plants on the fitness and biology of the bemisia tabaci infesting cassava in africa. isofemale b. tabaci colonies of sub-saharan africa 1-subgroup 3 (ssa1-sg3), infected with two secondary endosymbiotic bacteria arsenophonus and rickettsia (ar+) and those free of ar infections (ar-), were compared for fitness parameters on healthy and east african cassava mosaic virus-uganda variant (eacmv-ug)-infected cassava plants. ...201829367840
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