geographical distribution of anopheles darlingi in the amazon basin region of peru.malaria has reemerged as a significant public health disease threat in peru, especially within the amazon basin region. this resurgence of human cases caused by infection with plasmodium falciparum and plasmodium vivax is thought to be associated with the spread of anopheles darlingi, the principal south american malaria vector, into new areas of the amazon basin. however, comprehensive studies of the distribution for this species have not been conducted in peru for several years, nor are histor ...200314710728
species composition and natural infectivity of anthropophilic anopheles (diptera: culicidae) in the states of córdoba and antioquia, northwestern colombia.malaria is a serious health problem in the states of córdoba and antioquia, northwestern colombia, where 64.4% of total colombian cases were reported in 2007. because little entomological information is available in this region, the aim of this work was to identify the anopheles species composition and natural infectivity of mosquitoes distributed in seven localities with highest malaria transmission. a total of 1,768 anopheles mosquitoes were collected using human landing catches from march 200 ...200920140372
colombian anopheles triannulatus (diptera: culicidae) naturally infected with plasmodium spp.the role of anopheles triannulatus as a local vector has not yet been defined for malaria-endemic regions of colombia. therefore, the aim of this work was to detect an. triannulatus naturally infected with plasmodium spp., as an approximation to determining its importance as malaria vector in the country. a total of 510 an. triannulatus were collected in six malaria-endemic localities of nw and se colombia from january 2009 to march 2011. in the nw, two specimens were naturally infected; one wit ...201327335865
abundance, behavior and entomological inoculation rates of anthropophilic anophelines from a primary colombian malaria endemic colombia for several years, the urabá-bajo cauca and alto sinú region has registered the highest numbers of malaria cases in the country. malaria vector incrimination and the characterization of entomological parameters will allow for a better understanding of malaria transmission dynamics and the design of effective vector control strategies for this region.201323497535
nightly biting cycles of malaria vectors in a heterogeneous transmission area of eastern amazonian brazil.the biting cycle of anopheline mosquitoes is an important component in the transmission of malaria. inter- and intraspecific biting patterns of anophelines have been investigated using the number of mosquitoes caught over time to compare general tendencies in host-seeking activity and cumulative catch. in this study, all-night biting catch data from 32 consecutive months of collections in three riverine villages were used to compare biting cycles of the five most abundant vector species using co ...201323890413
experimental plasmodium vivax infection of key anopheles species from the brazilian amazon.anopheles darlingi is the major malaria vector in countries located in the amazon region. anopheles aquasalis and anopheles albitarsis s.l. are also proven vectors in this region. anopheles nuneztovari s.l. and anopheles triannulatus s.l. were found infected with plasmodium vivax; however, their status as vectors is not yet well defined. knowledge of susceptibility of amazon anopheline populations to plasmodium infection is necessary to better understand their vector capacity. laboratory coloniz ...201324359307
epidemiological and entomological studies of a malaria outbreak among french armed forces deployed at illegal gold mining sites reveal new aspects of the disease's transmission in french december 2010, a plasmodium vivax malaria outbreak occurred among french forces involved in a mission to control illegal gold mining in french guiana. the findings of epidemiological and entomological investigations conducted after this outbreak are presented here.201626801629
natural infectivity of anopheles species from the pacific and atlantic regions of colombia.malaria is an important public health problem in colombia. among the major vectors in colombia, anopheles albimanus is recognized for its importance on the pacific coast where it is the predominant species; it is also found in the atlantic coast, although its vectorial role in this region is not clear. we examined the occurrence of an. albimanus in four localities of the pacific and three of the atlantic coast. morphological identification of problematic specimens was confirmed by a molecular as ...200818554564
comparative susceptibility of anopheline mosquitoes in rondonia, brazil to infection by plasmodium anopheline species from costa marques, rondonia, brazil were compared with anopheles darlingi for susceptibility to infection by plasmodium vivax. laboratory-reared f1 progeny of field-collected an. darlingi and the test anopheline species were fed at the same time on the same patients, all of whom had gametocytes in peripheral blood before treatment. mosquitoes were dissected on day 8 after infection for oocysts and on days 14-16 after infection for sporozoites. the mean numbers of p. viv ...19911951854
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