west nile virus infection in mosquitoes, birds, horses, and humans, staten island, new york, 2000.west nile (wn) virus transmission in the united states during 2000 was most intense on staten island, new york, where 10 neurologic illnesses among humans and 2 among horses occurred. wn virus was isolated from aedes vexans, culex pipiens, cx. salinarius, ochlerotatus triseriatus, and psorophora ferox, and wn viral rna was detected in anopheles punctipennis. an elevated weekly minimum infection rate (mir) for cx. pipiens and increased dead bird density were present for 2 weeks before the first h ...200111589172
epidemiology of west nile virus in connecticut: a five-year analysis of mosquito data 1999-2003.two hundred and ten isolations of west nile virus (wnv) were obtained from 17 mosquito species in six genera in statewide surveillance conducted in connecticut from june through october, 1999-2003. culex pipiens (86), culex salinarius (32), culex restuans (26), culiseta melanura (32), and aedes vexans (12) were implicated as the most likely vectors of wnv in the region based on virus isolation data. culex pipiens was abundant from july through september and is likely involved in early season enz ...200415682518
first collection of anopheles (anopheles) punctipennis (say) on oahu, hawaii: implications for the potential introduction of west nile virus.a single adult female of anopheles (anopheles) punctipennis (say) was collected in a new jersey light trap in the port area of honolulu, oahu, hi, on december 8, 2003. this is the 1st record of a wild-collected, intact anopheles mosquito, and the 1st detection of an. punctipennis in the hawaiian islands. extensive larval surveillance and additional light trapping in the area of the collection site indicate that populations of this species have not become established on oahu. the distribution of ...200516033127
the efficacy of the bg-sentinel co2 nozzle in collecting host-seeking mosquitoes in fairfax county, virginia.this study determined whether the addition of a co2 nozzle made specifically for the bg-sentinel trap increased the efficacy of collecting host-seeking mosquitoes, particularly aedes albopictus and culex spp., which includes cx. pipiens, cx. restuans, and occasionally cx. salinarius in fairfax county, va. twenty bg-sentinel traps were incorporated into the fairfax county west nile virus (wnv) surveillance program: 10 traps were randomly selected each week to have the nozzle attached, and the rem ...201020649135
winter biology of wetland mosquitoes at a focus of eastern equine encephalomyelitis virus transmission in alabama, temperate latitudes, vectors and pathogens must possess biological mechanisms for coping with cold temperatures and surviving from one transmission season to the next. mosquitoes that overwinter in the adult stage have been proposed as winter maintenance hosts for certain arboviruses. in the cases of west nile virus (family flaviviridae, genus flavivirus) and st. louis encephalitis virus (family flaviviridae, genus flavivirus), discovery of infected overwintering females lends support to this ...201121936314
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