potential transmission of west nile virus in the british isles: an ecological review of candidate mosquito bridge vectors.west nile virus (wnv) transmitted by mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) infects various vertebrates, being pathogenic for birds, horses and humans. after its discovery in tropical africa, sporadic outbreaks of wnv occurred during recent decades in eurasia, but not the british isles. wnv reached new york in 1999 and spread to california by 2003, causing widespread outbreaks of west nile encephalitis across north america, transmitted by many species of mosquitoes, mainly culex spp. the periodic reapp ...200515752172
human-induced expanded distribution of anopheles plumbeus, experimental vector of west nile virus and a potential vector of human malaria in belgium.for the majority of native species, human-created habitats provide a hostile environment that prevents their colonization. however, if the conditions encountered in this novel environment are part of the fundamental niche of a particular species, these low competitive environments may allow strong population expansion of even rare and stenotopic species. if these species are potentially harmful to humans, such anthropogenic habitat alterations may impose strong risks for human health. here, we r ...201121845955
mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) and their relevance as disease vectors in the city of vienna, austria.mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) are important vectors for a wide range of pathogenic organisms. as large parts of the human population in developed countries live in cities, the occurrence of vector-borne diseases in urban areas is of particular interest for epidemiologists and public health authorities. in this study, we investigated the mosquito occurrence in the city of vienna, austria, in order to estimate the risk of transmission of mosquito-borne diseases. mosquitoes were captured using di ...201425468380
british container breeding mosquitoes: the impact of urbanisation and climate change on community composition and phenology.the proliferation of artificial container habitats in urban areas has benefitted urban adaptable mosquito species globally. in areas where mosquitoes transmit viruses and parasites, it can promote vector population productivity and fuel mosquito-borne disease outbreaks. in britain, storage of water in garden water butts is increasing, potentially expanding mosquito larval habitats and influencing population dynamics and mosquito-human contact. here we show that the community composition, abundan ...201424759617
anopheles plumbeus (diptera: culicidae) in germany: updated geographic distribution and public health impact of a nuisance and vector mosquito.the aim of this study was to map the current spatial distribution of anopheles plumbeus in germany, a potential vector of malaria parasites and west nile virus. reports of mass occurrence and nuisance connected with artificial breeding site usage by this species were analysed.201727797433
ecological niche modelling of potential west nile virus vector mosquito species and their geographical association with equine epizootics in italy, west nile virus (wnv) equine outbreaks have occurred annually since 2008. characterizing wnv vector habitat requirements allows for the identification of areas at risk of viral amplification and transmission. maxent-based ecological niche models were developed using literature records of 13 potential wnv italian vector mosquito species to predict their habitat suitability range and to investigate possible geographical associations with wnv equine outbreak occurrence in italy from 2008 ...201424121802
species composition, co-occurrence, association and affinity indices of mosquito larvae (diptera: culicidae) in mazandaran province, northern iran.although considerable progress has been made in the past years in management of mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever and west nile fever through research in biology and ecology of the vectors, these diseases are still major threats to human health. therefore, more research is required for better management of the diseases. this investigation provides information on the composition, co-occurrence, association and affinity indices of mosquito larvae in mazandaran province, ...201626805471
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