usutu virus persistence and west nile virus inactivity in the emilia-romagna region (italy) in 2011.the circulation of west nile virus and usutu virus was detected in the emilia-romagna region in 2008 and 2009. to evaluate the extent of circulation of both viruses, environmental surveillance, based on bird and mosquito testing, was conducted in 2008 and gradually improved over the years.201323667694
control of mosquito-borne diseases in northwestern italy: preparedness from one season to the next.mosquito-borne diseases (mbds) are spreading worldwide due to globalization and climate change, representing a threat for both humans and animals. of great concern are the infections caused by viruses belonging to the flavivirus genus as west nile virus (wnv) and usutu virus (usuv) transmitted by culex sp. or dengue virus and zika virus (zikv), transmitted by aedes sp. this work describes the surveillance protocol enforced in piedmont (northwestern italy) to control mbds spread, focusing on the ...201728437184
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