preliminary survey on anopheles species distribution in botswana shows the presence of anopheles gambiae and anopheles funestus complexes.botswana is one of the four front line malaria elimination countries in southern africa, with malaria control activities that include routine vector control. past and recent studies have shown that anopheles arabiensis is the only known vector of plasmodium parasites in the country. this report presents a preliminary evaluation on anopheles species composition in seven districts of botswana with some inferences on their vectorial role.201728270213
feeding and indoor resting behaviour of the mosquito anopheles longipalpis in an area of hyperendemic malaria transmission in southern zambia.anopheles longipalpis (theobald) (diptera: culicidae) is a predominantly zoophilic mosquito that has not been implicated in malaria transmission. however, this species was collected indoors with an. funestus s.l. in southern zambia, where transmission of plasmodium falciparum is hyperendemic, and we initially misidentified it morphologically and molecularly as an. funestus s.l. the indoor resting density and blood-feeding behaviour of an. longipalpis were investigated during the 2004-05 and 2005 ...200617199758
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