the use of xenosurveillance to detect human bacteria, parasites, and viruses in mosquito bloodmeals.infectious disease surveillance is hindered by several factors, including limited infrastructure and geographic isolation of many resource-poor regions. in addition, the complexities of sample acquisition, processing, and analysis, even in developed regions, can be rate limiting. therefore, new strategies to survey human populations for emerging pathogens are necessary. xenosurveillance is a method that utilizes mosquitoes as sampling devices to search for genetic signatures of pathogens in vert ...201728722623
vector competence of anopheles and culex mosquitoes for zika virus.zika virus is a newly emergent mosquito-borne flavivirus that has caused recent large outbreaks in the new world, leading to dramatic increases in serious disease pathology including guillain-barre syndrome, newborn microcephaly, and infant brain damage. although aedes mosquitoes are thought to be the primary mosquito species driving infection, the virus has been isolated from dozens of mosquito species, including culex and anopheles species, and we lack a thorough understanding of which mosquit ...201728316896
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